Beter Bed wants to give something back to its customers who have put their trust in the company, and so it has created the De Lakens Uitdelen programme. Every participant in that programme stands a chance of winning wonderful monthly prizes, in the form of the total amount of your order in one of our shops in the Benelux region or textile cheques worth EUR 400 (whichever of the two is higher). Both customers of Beter Bed who have made a purchase and non-purchasing customers can participate. Each month we will draw one winner! The promotion will run until 31 December, which means that there will be a total of 12 prize winners in the current year until 31 December.

The De Lakens Uitdelen promotional campaign will be valid in the period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

In order to participate, the participant must personally complete an online questionnaire on the website of or Questionnaires that have been completed by third parties will not be accepted.

In the month in which the participant completes the questionnaire (before 11.59 p.m. on the last day of the month) he will stand a chance of winning back the total amount of the order paid in one of the shops in the Benelux region or Beter Bed textile cheques worth EUR 400 (whichever of the two is higher).

Cancellation of an order before the monthly drawing will be considered ‘not bought’, in which case the participant will stand a chance of winning Beter Bed textile cheques worth EUR 400.

One draw will be held each month. Each participant can win a maximum of one prize a month.

Beter Bed B.V. will pay any tax on games of chance that is due.
Participants must have their place of residence in the Netherlands or Belgium and must be at least 18 years of age.

Beter Bed B.V. will enter the participant’s e-mail address and name in a database. The participant in this campaign accepts that Beter Bed B.V. will use his or her data for marketing purposes. Beter Bed B.V. will not provide the data to third parties. By participating in the campaign, the participant grants Beter Bed B.V. permission to use visual material of the distribution of prizes for promotional activities. The participant also will cooperate with such promotional activities, insofar as applicable.

In no event can the various prizes (Beter Bed textile cheques worth EUR 500) that can be won during the campaign be exchanged for cash. That includes any remaining amounts. The textile cheques can be spent only at a Beter Bed location in the Benelux region. Prize articles cannot be exchanged.

Beter Bed does not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any direct and/or indirect damage or loss, of any kind whatsoever, that ensues from participating in the campaign or that is related in any way to this campaign.
Beter Bed has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time during the campaign, at its own discretion and without any prior notification, or to stop or change the campaign without stating the reason for doing so in the event that circumstances require it to do so, without being liable to pay any compensation in any way to the participants. Beter Bed will publish the new Terms and Conditions or the fact that the campaign has been stopped, if applicable, in any way.

You can send any questions, comments or complaints about this campaign by e-mail to [email protected].

All employees of Beter Bed B.V., Beter Bed branches, their direct family members and the parties affiliated with Beter Bed are excluded from participating in this campaign.

Only persons who have correctly filled in their name and address using the digital form on or will participate in this campaign. The prize will be raffled among the entries having a valid e-mail address. In no event can Beter Bed be held liable for the submission of incorrect or incomplete information by a participant.

Within seven days after the monthly draw the winner will be informed in person and published on Beter Bed’s social media and other public communications. In the event that the winner cannot be reached by e-mail, he or she will be given a chance to claim the prize himself/herself within seven days after the e-mail has been sent. In the event that there has not been any personal contact with the winner on the eighth day after the e-mail has been sent, a new winner will be drawn and the same procedure will apply.

It is not possible to correspond about the outcome.
Beter Bed B.V. reserves the right to reject entries that are not in compliance with the Terms and Conditions or that appear fraudulent to it.
Beter Bed will act in accordance with the Dutch Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance (Gedragscode Promotionele Kansspelen).
These Terms and Conditions are governed by Dutch law.

Beter Bed B.V.
Linie 27
5405 AR Uden
tel: 0413-338800
Email: [email protected]

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